07 December 2008

Veggie dogs with attitude

Meet HotRod Dog, veggie dog mascot for the Hotrod Honeys of the Texas Rollergirls. "I am a veggie dog. I am also Kosher. In fact, I received my Bar Mitzvah in a Jewish deli on the lower east side of Manhattan," explains HotRod Dog. Considering he's such a big fan of the roller derby, it's quite an honor for him to be surrounded by such high energy women with names such as Dagger Deb and Janie Gottagunn.

The Hotrod Honeys became 2008 season champions after sticking it to last year's season champs, the Hell Marys. Final score: 79-23. Congratulations Hotrods! They'll return to kick some ass in March 2009.

Be on the lookout for a giant veggie dog splattered with mustard. He's kind of hard to miss. Find out what makes HotRod Dog sweat--besides casting him onto the grill!


Anonymous said...


I have heard a rumor that you may be appearing as Hotrod Dog at the roller derby some point next season. Is there any truth to that?

Daniela said...

I am trying to veggie beef up my skills so I will be fit to wag around all those roller hotties.

Stella said...

Hey, those are my neighbors in that pic!

Anonymous said...

Hot Stuff = Daniella skating around as a veggie hot dog. Tell me when and where ;)